Skibbereen Regatta 26th April 2009

MJ18 4+ getting ready
Niamh in the WJ14 1X

Killorglin Rowing Club had another very successful regatta on Sunday. This time it was the Skibbereen Regatta which took place at the National Rowing Center in Cork on the 26th April 2009. The club was very well represented with crews competing in seven events through out the day. Here are some photos and videos(including the video of the WJ15 4X+)

First up was Niamh MacSweeney who was competing in the WJ14 1X, her first time competing in a single scull.  Conditions on the day made the course quite choppy with cross-winds making steering even more difficult. Niamh finished the 1000m course in 5th position and can make the most of the experience gained.

The U14 and U15 events were started as a floating start at the 1000m marker. This made it very difficult for crews to line up and later in the afternoon it was changed to start at the 2000m stakeboats which was much better.

The MN4+ "Blue" Crew!
The MN4+ "Blue" Crew!

Our next race was the MN 4+ with the Killorglin “blue” and “red” crews competing against each other in a straight final. They were joined by Workmen making it an all-Kerry final! It was a great race with the “blue” crew of Maurice, Jerome, Martin, Paul and Deirdre coxing coming in to win in a time of 7′ 12”, they were followed home by the reds of Fionan, Cian, Sean, Peter and Caoimhe (cox) 6” behind fighting off Workmen into 3rd place, making it a Killorglin one two.

The MN4+ Red crew fighting off Workmen
The MN4+ Red crew fighting off Workmen
Veronica winning the WN 1X
Veronica winning the WN 1X

We didn’t have to wait long for our next win with Veronica competing in a straight final in the WN 1X with six competitors, Veronica finished in a winning time of 8′ 47” with nearly 7 seconds to spare.

Sarah and Marguerite in the WJ18 2X got good racing experience in their straight final competing against a very experienced field which was won by Skib in a time of 7′ 38”.

Next up was the MJ18 4X crew of Cian, James, Sean and Peiter with Katie(cox) who were also racing in a very experienced field with Lee winning in a very impressive time of 6′ 45”, the Killorglin crew were unlucky not to get 4th when they were caught by Presentation B in the closing meters to finish in a time of 7′ 27”.

The customary Farran grey mist decided to pay a visit just in time for the afternoon events and the WJ15 4X crew got well wet trying to line up at the 1000m marker for their race. This proved to be a very close race with the Killorglin crew of Kelley, Caoimhe, Cliodhna, Aisling and Kerri (cox) coming in very strongly in the closing meters to nearly catch the winning Skib crew (I don’t have times for any of the U14 and U15 races 😦  ).

The WJ14 4x+ heading to the start
The WJ14 4x+ heading to the start

The final race of the day for Killorglin was the WJ14 4X+ which the organisers wisely decided to start at the 2000m stakeboats.  Terry’s binoculars proved very popular 🙂 with the rest of the Killorgin supporters as we tracked progress of the crew of Maeve, Meabh, Caoimhe, Aoife and Katie (c0x) over their 1000m race.

The Infamous Binoculars!
The Infamous Binoculars!

They won in spectacular style with a few lengths to spare over Clonmel. A perfect way to end a long day and we also found Seanie’s missing runners! So all’s well that ends well.


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