Timetable for Limerick Regatta

Limerick Regatta is held at O’Brien’s Bridge in Limerick.

 Please be there at least 1,5h before your race!

If you travel there for the first time – give yourself more time! Ensure you keep in touch with the rest of your crew and you all get there ON TIME!

Wear club colours on the day!


09:00 AM WJ16 2x

10:15 AM MJ15 4x+ Final

10:45 AM WS 1x

11:25 AM WJ15 2x  Final

12:20 PM WJ16 2x Final

12:45 PM WS 1x Final

01:55 PM MJ 14 4x+ Final

2:20 PM WS 2x

3:20 PM WJ14 4x+ Final

3:50 PM WJ18 1x

4:30 PM WJ16 1x

5:30 PM WJ15 4x+ Final

5:45 PM WS 2x Final

6:45 PM WJ18 1x Final

7:05 PM WJ16 1x Final


Please note that no one leaves the venue until your boat is de-rigged and put on the trailer!


Crews will be posted on the blog tonight.


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