The Athlone Regatta

The Killorglin Rowing Club athletes will participate in a status-one regatta and a sprint regatta over the weekend.

On Saturday we will race in Athlone over 1700m and on Sunday in Galway over 700m. We have a large number of athletes travelling.

We will compete in 8 races in Athlone ranging from Novice to Senior status. For the first time we will take part  in the Men’s Novice Single Scull and Men’s Intermediate Double Scull events with Cian & Cathal Clifford representing the Club. We also entered the WJ15 Quad, WJ14 Quad, WNovice Quad, WJ15 Double, WNovice & WJ16 Single and also WSenior Single. The first race for Killorglin RC kicks off at 11:30am.

The results and updates will be available at Killorglin RC blog and also Rowing Union webpage – .

The entry for Galway Regatta on 19th of June is large . Killorglin Rowing Club entered 12 events.



Best of luck to all crews, we hope to bring home the Gold again.


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