Monthly Draw – Relaunch

Money, Money,Money…(as we all know)…makes the world go around. 

Because our current membership numbers are small, we are very dependent on fund-raising to keep the club going.

At present, less than 25% of our ongoing running costs are covered by our membership subscriptions.

We have a Club Monthly Draw that at present is not viable because there are insufficient numbers participating.

The monthly prize fund is currently €300 so it is well worth being included.

We would ask every member who is not already in the Draw to consider joining straight away.

We would also ask every member to do his/her best to sign up 3 others, family or friends, as the club needs the funds generated by a well subscribed Draw to pay ongoing club running costs.



Joining the Draw is simple and straight forward.

All that is needed is the completion of a Standing Order form.

These forms will be distributed to all members within the next few days.

All completed forms should be given to our

Treasurer- Philip Shaw, Assistant Treasurer- Liane Dee or any member of the Management Committee.

The cost of membership of the Draw is  only €8.00 per month (that equates to less than €2.00 per week). 


It is important that we make serious inroads in to increasing the numbers participating in the Draw as soon as possible, and we would ask that as many Standing Order forms as possible be completed before Christmas 2012.


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