Cork HOR – 23rd February

We have full team of rowers heading to Cork this Saturday, some of them for their first “Head of River” outing, so best of luck to Sean, Shane, Jack and Conor. The competitors are as follows:

Senior 1x: Monika Dukarska
J16 2x: Zoe Hyde & Dearbhail Ryan
J16 4x: Kerri Fay, Emma Murphy, Zoe Hyde & Dearbhail Ryan

J15 4x: John Francis O’Grady, Jack Cox, Kieran Morris & Kieran O’Sullivan
J15 4x: John Francil O’Grady, Shane O’Connor, Sean Houlihan, Conor Murphy
J15 1x: Kieran O’Sullivan
J16 2x: Connor Dee & Robert Shaw

Girls J16 4x are first out at 9.30 and last will be 3.30pm with the Boys J162x, with everyone else on in between.

Best of luck to everyone and ENJOY


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