All Ireland Championships are here again!!

Are we up for the Challenge? YES WE ARE!

Here are the crews and time (but please check IARU website, in case of time changes)

Event Rower Day Heat Final
Junior 18 2x Dearbhail & Zoe Friday 9.30 12.20
Junior 16 4x Connor, Rob, Kieran & John Francis Friday 11.25 15.25
Senior 2x Monika & Meave Friday 15.40
Junior 15 1x Kieran Friday 10.15 – 10.45
Junior 16 1x Zoe Saturday 10.50 15.00
Novice 1x Dearbhaill Saturday 14.15 16.58
Junior 15 4x Kieran, John Francis, Jack & Kieran M Saturday 11.00- 11.10
Senior 1x Monika Sunday 9.35 11.5
Junior 16 4x Dearbhail, Zoe, Kerri & Emma Sunday 10.50 14.45

Good Luck everyone!!


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