2015 Coastal Rowing Season

Killorglin Rowing Club is kicking off the 2015 Coastal Rowing Season! Join us at the times listed below if you want to row this season! It’s going to be AWESOME, as always 🙂

APRIL 2015

Friday                   3rd          5:00pm

Saturday             4th           5:30pm

Sunday                 5th           6:00pm

Tuesday              7th           7:00pm

Wednesday       8th           7:30pm

Friday                   10th        8:30am

Saturday             11th        9:30am

Sunday                 12th         11:30am

Friday                   17th        4:30pm

Saturday             18th        5:00pm

Sunday                19th        5:30pm

Tuesday              21st         7:00pm

Wednesday       22nd        7:30pm

Saturday             25th        9:30am

Sunday                 26th        10:00am

Please ensure to fill in the KRC Membership form on arrival (we need your contact details etc.). The Coastal rowing fee for the 2015 rowing season is €50. All are welcome!



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