Provincial Indoor Rowing Championships Nov2015

Stats from the Provincial Indoor Rowing Championships at UL yesterday:


Men’s Open 2k                Silver F. Crowley

Women’s Open 2k         Gold M. Dukarska

Women’s Open 500m    Gold M. Dukarska

MJ16 500m                        Gold J.McCarthy

MJ15 5min                          Gold S. Houlihan

MJ15 500m                        Silver S. Houlihan

WJ14 4min                         Gold R. O’Donoghue

WJ14 500m                        Gold R. O’Donoghue

WJ14 500m                        Silver M. O’Grady

WJ14 500m                        Bronze A. Tyther

Total no. of medals: 10

Unfortunately number of our athletes missed out on a podium by margins as small as 0.4 of a second.

Another indoor rowing competition is taking place on the 23rd of January 2016 so plenty of time to improve again.

Well done to all!





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