Irish Indoor Rowing Championships 2016

An outstanding day was had by all KRC athletes today.

First medal of the day went to Rhiannon O’Donoghue finishing 3rd in the Women’s Junior 15 5min test followed by Anna Tyther in 5th. Sean Houlihan and Conor Murphy raced the Men’s Junior 16 2000m event with Sean finishing 2nd overall. It was Sean’s and Conor’s first 2000m test. Sean got 6:46 for 2km, even outpacing some of the boys in the under 18 category. Conor has put in a great performance and was well in the pack.Monika Dukarska finished 2nd in the Women’s Open 2000m race ahead of Leonora Kennedy with Sanita Puspure leading the race from the start.

Rhiannon and Anna raced the women’s junior 15 500m sprint in the afternoon placing 1st and 2nd respectively. It was an outstanding race to watch with both girls battling it out hard. Sean went off hard in his Men’s junior 16 500m sprint and left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he would take the first place. Another medal in the bag! James McCarthy won the Men’s Junior 18 500m race comfortably, making it twice in a row. Monika sprinted through her 500m race, setting a new Irish Record pulling 1min and 34seconds. She brought the total number of medals to 8. Cian Clifford and Fionan Crowley had both very strong performances in very competitive categories.

Now it is evident that all the hard work pays off! Onwards and upwards from here! Cork Head of the River is our next target on the 7th of February.


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