National Indoor Rowing Champs’ 2017

First competition of 2017!

The athletes will represent KRC at the national Indoor Rowing Championships this Saturday, the 21st of January in the UL Arena.

The event kicks off at 8:30am with our youngest competitor, Airida Mateviciute taking to the ergometer in the Women’s Junior 13 event. Monika Dukarska, our senior competitor will conclude the day at 3:29pm with the 500m sprint, in which she is the national record holder.

Majority of our athletes have two races each, set time or distance, ranging from 3minutes to 2,000meters and a sprint race, which is 500m long.

KRC athletes will race in the following events:

[WJ = Women’s Junior; MJ = Men’s Junior; WS= Women’s Senior]

WJ13 set time and 500m; WJ14 500m; MJ15 set time and 500m; WJ16 2,000m and 500m; MJ18 2,000m and 500m and lastly WS 2,000m and 500m.

Best of luck guys! All the hard work will pay off! #GoKillorglin

We will keep you posted as often as we can!

Results are available here:




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