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Early morning training.
Early morning training.

Welcome to our home on the net! Founded in the early 1990s, Killorglin Rowing Club (KRC) is situated on the banks of the river Laune. The river being the venue for our water based training when the tides are right! Our state-of-the-art boat house was completed in 2004 and the excellent facilities are well used for land based training when we can’t get on the river.  We are the hosts of the Munster Branch Head of the River, held on the beautiful River Laune in Feb/Mar each year. Unlike most rowing clubs in Ireland, our season is on all year round. When the Regatta and Head season finish, we begin our very strong coastal and offshore seasons. We have a photo album here

KRC was the first club in Ireland affiliated to both rowing unions, the Irish Amateur Rowing Union (IARU) and the Irish Coastal Rowing Federation (ICRF). KRC has grown from a small number of dedicated members, eager to revive local traditional rowing, to now one of the fastest growing and most sucessful rowing clubs in Munster.
There was a rowing club in Killorglin in the 1950’s but very little is known of their
progress. However a local man actually won the Leander Trophy in 1914 rowing for Cork BC and he is known to have attracted attention in the town.

KRC is affiliated to Rowing Ireland, the governing body for rowing in Ireland. KRC has grown from a small number of dedicated members, eager to revive local traditional rowing, to now one of the fastest growing and most successful rowing clubs in Munster. In 2019 alone, KRC rowers represented Ireland at Home Internationals, Coupe de la Jeunesse, Junior World and Senior world levels. Moreover, Monika Dukarska (KRC) and Aileen Crowley (ex member of KRC) qualified the Women’s Pair for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Please feel free to explore our extensive site and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

If you’d like to get information on joining our club, email our coach.

We are blue, we are white, we are DYNAMITE 🙂

Here’s where we are on the map in case you’re visiting!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. andrew foley

    hey eryone love the new site way better than d old one 🙂

    one question where are all the pics of the older crews from the early days with no boat house only the green container remember ????? good times !!!!!!!

  2. killorglinrowing

    Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t had a chance yet to gather info and pics on the club history, kept really busy keeping up to date with all that’s happening now!

  3. Brian O' Neill

    Hi guys, any pictures of the days with no boat house and no green container? : ) Is there a reunion on this summer? Hi to Mick and Michael!!

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